The Church City Mission in Norway

The Church City Mission is one of the largest humanitarian faith-based organisations in Norway. The Church City Mission is a diaconal foundation established in Kristiania (Oslo) in 1855.

The Church City Mission is present in the form of independent foundations established in most major cities in Norway: Oslo, Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund, Kristiansand, Tønsberg, Drammen and Fredrikstad.

The head office of The Church City Mission in Oslo is situated at Tollbugata 3, in the city center.

The Church City Mission is also involved in other cities, such as in Haugesund, Stord, Odda, Kragerø, Arendal, Kongsberg, Lillestrøm, Moss, Sarpsborg and Halden.

Broad cooperation

The Church City Mission cooperates extensively with public health and social authorities at both the municipal and central government level. In addition, we collaborate closely with other church and humanitarian organisations, and cooperate to an increasing extent with businesses under the heading “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Global perspective

The Church City Mission sees its mission in a global perspective too. This means that we share and glean  experience and expertise in international networks and help ensure that a diversity of cultural expressions can meet, challenge and inspire one another.

The Church City Mission is a member of Eurodiaconia, a European network for diaconal social and health care providers.

In addition , the Church City Mission is a member of the Nordic and European network of City Missions.

The Church City Mission is also involved in international friendship work, e.g. with church organisations in Guatemala.

We also participate in several international networks of city mission organisations.

Financial resources

Public sector contributions account for four-fifths of the Church City Mission’s total budget. The remaining amount is self-financed through fund raising, revenues from funds, bursaries and project funding.

In December each year, we arrange a “Light in Darkness” campaign, consisting of fund raising, various Christmas events and the provision of different forms of support and contributions to individuals requiring assistance in the metropolis.